5 Things To Know About Fostering Teens

So I promised I would write a post about our new placement, and here it is!  We are fostering teens!  Yes, teens!  I remember when we started on this journey and we never considered taking older children.  I have heard it all about kids over the age of 5.  Most of it is not positive. […]

Essential Oils for Children

There is nothing more frustrating than going to the doctor to find out your kid has a viral infection and there is nothing they can do but recommend sleep and fluids.  I hate watching kids suffer and wish I could do more to help them… well there are some things you can do.  Essential oils […]

Foster Kid Experience

The little girl in this short film just broke my heart! This is exactly what we might expect a typical foster care situation to be like… it will be challenging, but rewarding. It will hurt, but it will also feel amazing. There are so many emotions that will run through your mind, yet we are […]