In most states in order to obtain your foster care license, you will need to contact the local social services office (ie DCFS in Illinois), fill out a bunch of paperwork and you will be required to take classes.  In our situation, there were a series of 9 consecutive 3-hour long classes that we took […]


One of the things I did when we first decided to try Foster Care was to see if any former children had posted videos on YouTube of their experience… these are some of the stories that I found. Being Taken Away The confusion of what it feels like to be taken away from the only […]

Foster Kid Experience

The little girl in this short film just broke my heart! This is exactly what we might expect a typical foster care situation to be like… it will be challenging, but rewarding. It will hurt, but it will also feel amazing. There are so many emotions that will run through your mind, yet we are […]

Private Adoption

So after we started the adoption process with St. Mary’s Services… a friend came to visit me and asked me if I would be interested in adopting a child whom they knew about. In order to protect the identity of all, I will be refraining from listing the child’s sex, age, name (we’ll call the […]

How To Adopt

A quick and simple list of how to start an adoption goes something like this. Research and locate an agency… I would recommend visiting several before deciding, they will play a large role in the whole process. Feel free to ask for recommendations or check for reviews online. Visit the agency for an interview or […]

Crappy things people say…

So what do you say to someone has just told you that they are adopting?  Well as in most difficult situations, we tend to say stupid things.  We may not even realize they are stupid, until later, or when someone tells us.  I know I am guilty.  But after this experience I now know all […]


So now that we wrapped our minds around the fact that we will not have biological children, we needed to do some research and found the best way is to just visit a few adoption agencies.  We checked out two of them… The Cradle, and St. Mary’s Services, both located in the Chicago area.  The […]


Disclaimer: This is not going to be one of those ‘woe is me’ blogs where I lament all day long about how I can’t bear any children of my own.  Not to discount the other blogs that do, because there is a purpose to them… this is not about that.  I do however feel the […]