One of the things I did when we first decided to try Foster Care was to see if any former children had posted videos on YouTube of their experience… these are some of the stories that I found.

Being Taken Away

The confusion of what it feels like to be taken away from the only thing you know has to be overwhelming and incredibly heartbreaking. This topic was a big part of the classes we took to obtain a license. They discussed grief and loss, detachment, seeing the words Mom & Dad as a general term for an adult who takes care of you… this will give you an idea of their experience.


A child who experienced severe neglect and was adopted through Foster Care.

My Sky Is Falling

An immersive storyworld that aims to raise awareness about the challenges American foster children face before they age out of the foster care system.

TED: Rethinking Foster Care

It’s amazing how awful the foster care system is… many of the kids that enter end up in Jail or homeless! This is the story told by Molly McGrath, a Child Welfare worker. This talk is a great reminder of how damaging foster care is for all involved.