Our First

We recently had our first placement, and things have been so busy that I have not had time to update this blog. So here we go!

July 2nd 2014: Right after hearing the most difficult news from someone close to me, we got the call. It was a particularly emotional day. At 8pm, our licensing worker contacted us and told us we would have two visitors coming to live with us, and that they would be there around 10pm! A 2 1/2 yr old, and a 9 month old… brothers. I will call them R and J. These things will never happen at the most conventient times. Right on schedule the boys came by around 10 pm that night. We had just finished frantically cleaning, and setting up the crib.

In the weeks and months leading up to this point, we had set up a room with bunk beds, toys and games from garage sales & second hand shops, a desk and chair, and a few other things. It wasn’t much but you can’t really get much more when you don’t know ages or sex. So when they came I knew we had to break out a few toys so they would feel comfortable… this didn’t seem to be too much of a problem for them. They had a few possessions in a small grocery bag, and that was it. The realization dawned on me… we would have to do a lot of shopping in the next couple of weeks.

The investigator had no information and very little paperwork. We had no documentation showing that we were the legal guardians, I suppose we were lucky we got a temporary medical card. We were promised the rest of the paperwork would come to us next week! In the next week or so we had to set up doctors appointments, lawyers meetings, child psychologists, and day care so I could continue to work part time. It was all so overwhelming.

Their condition was what we expected, they needed some attention. They needed diapers changed but we didn’t have any. So I started a bath and Jason ran out to Meijer to get a few supplies. R (the 2 yr old) looked like someone took a Sharpie to his body and drew some strange looking tattoos on him. J (the 9 month old) had crusty stuff in all of his crevices. So this bath was a long one. As soon as Jason got back we got them changed and settled down into bed. Everyone finally got to sleep around 1 or 2am. It was a very long night.

So that was the first couple of hours… there is so much more but it will have to be in another post.